Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn at Amwell

Went down to Amwell on Saturday-at least one of the Yellow Brows was still being reported on Friday. There was a small rather disappointed crowd around the picnic area as I arrived at the same time as William. There had been no sight nor sound. William explained that the bird seemed to have a large feeding circuit when he last saw it on Monday, so we decided to wander through the woods just in case.
Apart from a large flock of Goldfinch, containing one Siskin, and lots of Chaffinch there was not much to see. Lots of fungi all over, including a nice spread of Inkcaps. The autumn colour over Hollycross was starting to look very nice.
Back at the viewpoint,  Phil and Simon  arrived, the latter bringing a 24 Spot Ladybird with him.
A small group of us headed over to the White hide as a Jack Snipe had been reported-it wasn't one unfortunately, though our departure was delayed when Phil picked up a distant Peregrine.

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