Thursday, 16 May 2019

Saturday's Photos

I've been through the photos from Saturday, most of which were only fit for the bin. The big problem seemed to be a combination of wind, heat haze and distance, never a good combination.
I didn't even bother to try to image the Dotterel as I knew it wouldn't work, as the results would have ended up like a very bad pointillist/impressionist painting-lots of coloured spots.
Titchwell was a bit better though and the very vocal Sedge Warbler in a bush by the path attracted a lot of attention.

Also in the same area by the hide was the Wall Brown.

I tried to get some of the Marsh Harriers flying overhead while waiting for the Great Reed Warbler, but the results were horribly backlit and I couldn't salvage anything from the images.

At Burnham Overy I was expecting to get a few decent images of the Spoonbill, but the heat haze degraded what I obtained somewhat. However they were a damn sight better than the ones from Amwell last weekend.

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