Monday, 10 April 2017

Amwell dead boring.

After the reasonably successful Saturday trip I went to Amwell on Sunday morning. It didn't start well. I knew that the A10 roadworks on the viaduct would be a problem, I didn't expect one 40mph lane all the way from Ware to the A 414 junction. When I got off there I hit a grid locked roundabout courtesy of the Amwell Car Boot. They had been threatened with closure in the past because of this but it seems like things are as bad as they ever were.
Most of the usual Sunday regulars were present at the watchpoint when I arrived though some were on holiday. Hadn't seen a few of them for some time so it was nice to catch up. No point birding as there was absolutely nothing happening. Water levels have dropped slightly since my last visit but there is still no exposed mud to bring in waders, there were no hirundines, terns, Sedge or Reed Warblers , Cuckoo etc. Three Parakeets flying over were the avian highlight and two male Orange Tips the only butterflies seen so I gave up (as did everyone else) and did a bit of work in the garden.

Got a message from Simon in the afternoon-as he had hoped he had his first Large Red Damselfly in his Bengeo garden. Not many reported this year, and its still on the early side.

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