Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Insects with the PL 100-400

Sunday was very much like Saturday, sunny, warm in sheltered areas but with a nasty cold breeze. I took the new 100-400 lens out for a stroll around Aston End and up the river Beane.
Birdwise it was a bit disappointing. There were seven singing Chiffchaffs in total, the only 'spring' visitor I picked up. Three singing Greenfinches were about par for the course, and there were around a dozen Skylarks and five Yellowhammers. The winter thrushes seem too have departed now, and Meadow Pipits and Linnets seem to have gone as well. Still n Bullfinch, Little Owl etc.
One interesting bird was up near the Chells Manor radio mast-an alba Wagtail flying  north. Seemed to be rather too pale on the mantle to be Pied and I strongly suspect it was a White Wagtail.
Had more success with butterflies. A total of two Commas and five Small Tortoiseshells, most being around a small willow bush near what little is left of the river Beane (now thanks to the dry winter just a series of elongated puddles).

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