Thursday, 23 February 2017

Waxwings Again

One of my friends arrived at work, having walked up from the bus station, showed me a picture on her phone and said "are these the birds everyone is interested in?" Four Waxings, including one drinking in a puddle on the cycle path. Needless to say I sent her down to see Sam, who rushed out and returned a little while later having failed to see them.

They have not been seen at all over the last few days, despite many searching on Monday,  and we presumed they had moved on.

Lunchtime, and I was sitting in the car when 8 birds flew into the other big tree in the car park. I knew what to expect when I got the bins out and onto them. Rushed back in and dragged Sam out and we had superb views of the birds for several minutes clinging onto the tree for dear life in the gale force winds. Unfortunately they flew off shortly afterwards, and despite keeping an eye out we never saw them again.

Only other notable event was that one of the big Poplars between us and the leisure park came down in the high winds in the afternoon.

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