Sunday, 8 January 2017

Bad Start to the New Year

I managed to get through Christmas without falling prey to an illness for the second year running, but unfortunately I have started the New Year with a heavy cold. I had a bit of a tickle cough and a sore throat New Years eve, so called Colin and let him know I didn't fancy going out for the traditional birding blitz. I had hoped that the Bank Holiday Monday would be a bit better but the weather put me off.
Things improved somewhat during the week, back at work but the cough persisted and then Friday morning the really virulent cold virus that has gone round half the family struck and I have spent the last couple of days in a really bad state. Things have improved a bit today, in that I briefly get a bit of energy in me enabling me to get up and move around, but I suspect based on what the others in the family have gone through that it will take at least a week to get over it and the hacking cough is likely to be with me for some time.

Had a potter round the garden this morning once the sun came out but there isn't much happening. A few marigolds and the Mexican fleabane have a few flowers that have survived the recent frosts and there are shoots of t Snowdrops Cyclamen Iris and early Narcissi emerging.

In the mini greenhouse, a few bulbs are doing well. Here is a pot of Narcissus Cantabricus that I purchased in the autumn. The first one was flowering ten days before Christmas and has only just started going over.

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