Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ring Ousel Hunt

Just got back from a drive around the Therfield area. Deadmans Hill and Coombe Road have been good for passage Ring Ousels with several reported in recent days.
Mike Illet had reported at least two were still present in Coombe Road earlier this morning so it looked promising. Of course as soon as I left the house the rain started and it proved to be rather unpleasant out, maximum temperature was 3C and the rain was sleety at times. Lots of standing water and slippery mud added to the fun drive.
The first valley west of the farm seemed to have a few birds milling around, Song and Mistle Thrushes were singing and there were a lot of pigeons and corvids were perched up in the trees at the back. I noticed a 'Blackbird' fly into one of the hawthorns but never got a good view of it and not long after two flew out and towards the horse fields. The light was awful and I couldn't be sure what they were-very frustrating.
I then headed down the road to the more open valley, and about ten minutes later Simon Knott appeared, on his way to an organised walk on Therfield Heath. In view of the weather I don't think its going to be much fun. We didn't see any thrushes at all so he went of to the walk and I carried on.
Stopped off briefly at Deadmans Hill-one Red Legged Partridge is all I got, then driving up towards Sandon a male Ring Ousel flew across the road. Being a busy road there was no way I could stop and get photos, assuming it hadn't flown on.
On my way home I had a very weird experience. In one of the hamlets I could see ahead of me several tiny round blobs moving slowly around in the road. For a moment I assumed they were bumblebees grounded by the weather but they turned out to be Field Voles.

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