Thursday, 15 October 2015

Holiday Time Again

Start of another week and a half off.
Did a bit more work in the garden this morning. Opened the back door to be greeted by a calling Chiffchaff in the Trachycarpus palm-it stuck around in nearby gardens all morning. Heard a few Redwings go over while I was trying to fix the old shredder, unfortunately, wire from the last lot of ivy and prunings had completely jammed the screw feed and I can't fix it. Had 15+ years use out of it but looks like I will have to get another particularly as I was hoping to get up to Sarah and Ed's and help with their hedge cutting.
Tackled a bit more of the remaining fence, the ivy is proving to be a bit harder to deal with than expected. Joined by a Blackbird in the Rowan, just above my head, a Robin was knocking around and  the two Dunnocks were coming and going. Still getting a maximum of 9 Goldfinches on the feeders, but occasionally they bring in a single Greenfinch and a House Sparrow.  Two Collared Doves are now regular, thought the Wood Pigeons tend to drive them off, and one or two Blue Tits visit from time to time.
With Norfolk now overloaded with birds I'm hoping to get out in the next day or so, at the last count there were something like 20 year ticks available so fingers crossed.

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