Friday, 14 August 2015

Amwell Waderfest

Having had some work done to the car earlier this week, and with a day off I went to Amwell this morning. Yesterday, in the rain, two Little Stints had been seen, but there was no sign this morning, however Turnstone had appeared.
When I go there it was dull damp and murky, with rather poor visibility and there was no sign of any waders apart from the usual Lapwing. A few Common Terns were still around, with one young bird on the raft still to fledge. A few hirundines were feeding low over the water, and three Swifts went through.
When Ron arrived, the Turnstone popped out from nowhere and dropped onto Terry's Island, but I missed it. Two suspected Common Sandpipers were glimpsed largely hidden by the purple Loosestrife and they eventually were confirmed when they emerged. The Turnstone finally flew off the island and dropped down in front of the view point where it was lost to view for some time.
Ron mentioned that the two Stints were still present and had been seen earlier by Phil. Took a long time as they were very elusive and hard to see on the mud-sometimes only movement gave them away. Ron had to go to work but Bill and Ade arrived, had excellent views of the Turnstone and got to see the Stints after I left.
I was intending to visit Sarah and Ed, but discovered that the car was still playing up, taking ages to start so it went straight back to the garage. Obviously the work they did based on the computer diagnostics had not been all that effective.

A rather poor iPhone digiscoped image of one of the Stints.

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