Saturday, 6 June 2015

More Dragonflies

Rather quiet at Amwell today when I arrived. Brian was the only one at the view point. Four or five Little Egrets were loafing around and there were a lot of Grey herons, including young birds out towards the back of the lake. I had missed an Egyptian Goose, and the Ringed Plover and Oystercatchers could not be found, though the Redshank were still present.
Rather windy, though warm when the sun came out, and as a result there were a lot of Swifts around, but very few raptors noted-two Buzzards and a Kestrel. Have not yet seen a Hobby here yet. One Cuckoo still calling, and plenty of activity in the reed beds from its victims with lots of Reed Warblers feeding. Brian had noted a mammal earlier, presumed to be a Fox in the reeds. We were surprised when a female Muntjac suddenly emerged, tail up and barking. It returned to the reeds but continued calling for some time. Can only presume there was a fawn somewhere and the (probable) Fox had done something.

I left Brian to feed the viewpoint Robin and went down to Hollycross. The wind was a concern and it took a long time to find anything. I eventually found abundant numbers of Azure and Blue Tailed damselflies in the grass, along with a few Common Blues and Large Reds.
Lats night, the first Scarce Chaser for Herts had been found at the far end of the trail and I spent some time here but could not locate it. Not surprised as a search last evening was unsuccessful.

Picked up a few Banded Demoiselles on the way back, and the only large Dragonfly, a Hairy in the shelter of the bridge.
With not much else here I decided to go down to Wake Pond at Epping. Took a bit longer than expected driving through Roydon and Epping as the traffic was pretty bad in places and I got there around noon and only remained  around half an hour . Ran into Darren Bast as I got to the pond and soon after picked up several Downy emeralds in one of the sheltered bays, plus a few pairs of Large Red Damsels and an Emperor. Also got a nice birding tick as I had completely forgotten about the Mandarins that nest here.

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