Monday, 22 June 2015

Amwell Dragonflies

We decided not to travel yesterday, birding is a bit quiet, and the weather did not look good for butterflies etc so I spent a few hours at Amwell.
Arrived at the same time as Tony Hukin-he had been to see the Cretzschmar's Bunting on Bardsey along with Dave Beer so I got the full report on the trip. As I had not been down for a few weeks, and had not seen him for a month I had a long discussion with Phil about last week's Hampshire twitch twitch and other recent good birds. He went down for the Wheatear with William, and also picked up the Whimbrel. As with our experience, it seemed that there was some confusion at Pagham, with the Whimbrel being claimed to be on view in several places at once, though they did eventually have much better views than we did, with the bird feeding in front of them.
Wish the birding at Amwell was as good, but at this time of year with breeding in full swing, lots of birds are hidden away and silent. Huge numbers of Canada Geese at the moment, and the Black Headed Gulls have plenty of chicks. About the only birds in the reeds are the Reed Warblers which seem pretty active feeding their young-one or two were on view in one of the smaller sallows. About the best sight was the pair of Oystercatchers with one fledged chick on view.
I went down to Hollycross with Tony, Trevor et al. We were not really expecting to see a great deal as there was a lot of clouds, and a fairly brisk north-westerly. However we did manage to see a lot of damselflies-Azure, Common Blue, Blue Tailed and Red Eyed, several Four Spotted Chasers and Hairy's, and two Black Tailed Skimmers. Meadow Browns are out, and there were singles of  Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell and Common Blue, along with many day flying moths.

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