Friday, 24 April 2015

Wheatears and White Wings

Had the day off as Mum had a very early appointment this morning. Had intended to work on the garden, but a message from Tom Speller changed that as he had found a Wheatear at Norton-only the second this year.
Dropped Mum off and got there just after nine. A nice sunny morning, with several singing Whitethroats greeting me-plus two Grey Partridge that I accidentally flushed as I mounted the bank. Took a while until I picked up a Wheatear in the middle, with another shortly after but they were very flighty.  The flock of Linnets feeding on the bank was nice to see, with around ten birds present, along with a couple of Yellowhammers. I slowly made my way back, picking the Wheatears up again, so I tried to get some photos and then met up with one of the regular birders. Doing another circuit, I eventually picked up four Wheatears, one of which was a very bright Greenland type.

Since one of the regulars Darrel Bryant was at Broom Pits with a White Winged Black Tern, I decided to pop up there. Quite a few cars parked in Gypsy Lane told me where the bird was so I joined the small crowd. Initially sitting on one of the islands, along with a couple of Common Terns and a Common Sandpiper, it took flight for a few minutes but was always very distant and the light was not exactly ideal. Had a chat with Darrel who later went to Norton, found five Wheatears and a Lesser Whitethroat.

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