Saturday, 14 March 2015

Brent Goose

Yesterday was a lovely Spring day. Birds were singing, bees were flying etc. Unfortunately I spent the day helping Sarah and Ed move, so I did not get much chance to enjoy it. However their new place had some nice birds in and around the garden, and being in the country has a lot of potential. Best bird was a calling Tawny Owl around 1pm-hearing them during the daytime seems tocomming more common.
Having been busy over the last few days, I missed the news of a Brent Goose in Fairlands Valley, so despite the aches and pains I popped down this morning. Its on the main lake and just about the closest bird to the car park. Spent a lot of time on the water, courtesy of the dog walkers, but ventured out to graze from time to time.  Couple of Cormorants, a small flock of Common and Black headed Gulls, and calling Great and Green Woodpeckers in the 15 minutes I was there. Did not take my camera gear, but this image was with the RX100 point and shoot.

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