Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Weekend at Home

Courtesy of a sore throat, cough, headache and various other nice things the furthest I have gone this weekend is into the garden to top up the feeders. With snow yesterday, and icy winds for a while I was hoping for a few good birds to show but so far its been pretty much the usual suspects.
Wood Pigeons are around all the time and tend to put the smaller birds off. despite this, several Blue and Great Tits are coming in regularly, and there is a pair (presumed as they are not fighting) of Robins. The Dunnocks and Wrens don't often show, but are pretty vocal so I know they are around. Had nine Goldfinches feeding in the Birch Tree yesterday, and this morning a Green Woodpecker appeared to fly out of it. Did not actually see it in the tree unfortunately but it was quite low and climbing to clear the house, so did not look like a typical flyover.
Always have gulls in the air-mostly Black Headed, but in recent years Lesser Black Backs have substantially increased in numbers. For some reason, Common Gull numbers have crashed and i no longer see them on a daily basis. Although gulls roost on the lakes in the valley, it doesn't seem to attract anything out of the ordinary, even Herring Gulls are scarce visitors to the Stevenage area.
No raptors so far this weekend- having just written that a male Sparrowhawk has gone over. Lets see if it works again...No Waxwings, Blackcaps or Firecrests. Nope.

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