Sunday, 4 January 2015

Fog and Ice

Went for a walk around Aston End this morning. Overnight it has been very cold and foggy, so everything is coated in frost, so I took the camera and a selection of short lenses. Only got a few hundred yards and almost decided to turn back as it  was so slippery, but I persevered.
Found a small tit flock in the plantation, with some Goldcrests in it, but could not find Coal Tits for some reason. After that things turned really quiet with very little to see or hear for the next half hour. Lots of ice and very deep puddles in the lanes but I made it to the ford. Water is very high, which is nice to see, and flowing very fast. Even nicer was a Little Egret flying north, my first for this part of the Beane valley.
Things then got a bit quit again until I got to Lords Farm where as expected, I found a flock of Fieldfare. Numbering around a hundred, there were also a few Redwing and Mistle Thrush in the area. Always mobile, they were ranging up and down a half mile stretch of the river. Over near the paddocks, it was clear that heavy rain had had an impact, with a lot of flattened vegetation and some areas with standing water. Heard two Little Owls, but they were not in the traditional trees.
Only other birds of note were two Bullfinch up around Chells Manor. No Larks, Pipits or Buntings.  No raptors either but with no sun and fog all morning was not expecting to see any.

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