Thursday, 8 January 2015

Comet Lovejoy

Had a few clear nights this week. The comet is getting a bit higher in the sky and is quite bright. Even from my light polluted garden it is visible as a faint smudge with the naked eye.
Tried to get some more images, but even with the filter I am limited to fairly short exposures with the 300mm F4 lens. Settings of iso 2000 and exposures of 15-20 seconds seem optimum before background noise starts to become a problem. Would be a lot better from a darker location. Tonight was not ideal, as there seemed to be a bit of haze, with thin whips of cloud drifting over, but I wasn't expecting to have an opportunity so I quickly set up in the garden and obtained a few reasonable images. The ion tail that some are capturing is beyond my short exposures unfortunately but it still looks nice.

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