Monday, 10 November 2014

Rough Legged Buzzard at Hay Street

Well I finally managed to get over to Hay Street. I was a little uncertain on where exactly the Rough Legged was, but it was clear from the parked cars where to go.
Initially went down the footpath into the middle of the set aside area, joining one of the regular Amwell guys. Lots of Skylark in the area plus a few Meadow Pipits but not much else.
The Rough legged was on show pretty much all the time, hunting a nice hedgerow with a wide set aside/game cover strip, occasionally hovering and on several occasions dropping down to catch voles (presumably). Largely distant, it did occasionally drift over the road to the north and once came fairly close. Eventually it drifted over the road and was lost to view so we went back up to the road and stuck around for a bit. Up to six Common Buzzards, two Kestrels, one Sparrowhawk and one or two red Kites  were in the area. Over the course of the morning we were joined by many others-Ken and Linda Smith, Mick Cotton and Derek and Sue.

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