Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ashwell Quail

Yesterday William had tried to get the Quail between Ashwell and Newnham without success. It had been reported again in the evening so I decided to go up this morning and try myself. Not unexpectedly, William was already there when i arrived.
It was a bit breezy, but with bright spells and the Corn Buntings were very vocal-had maybe half dozen singing and flying around. Its a good Yellow Wagtail spot and several were flying around gathering food for their young.
When a third birder turned up, the Quail started calling-we reckon it was around 30 yards out in the barley and there was no chance of seeing it.

I left with the intention of checking out a White Letter Hairstreak sighting near Baldock, but the weather had turned and there did not seem much point in searching the very high hedge and trees, so I went to Letchworth Sewage Works to join William in a search for the Turtle Doves. There had not been any reports for a few days and we could not locate them-presuming they are still there of course.

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