Sunday, 29 June 2014

Amwell Dragonflies

Its Glastonbury weekend and, predictably its rather wet at times.
There was a brief window on Saturday morning, and as I had not really had much success with dragonflies locally, got down to Amwell early intending to spend a few hours at Hollycross. Tony was the only one present, and as the birding from the view point was pretty dead I soon headed off to Hollycross.
A brief stop off at the bottom of Tunbling Bay produced two Four Spotted Chasers and a few Red Eyed Damsels on the lilies.
On reaching Hollycross I spent some time exploring the meadow which was full of Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Large Skippers. Several Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals and a single Comma were also seen. There were supposed to be a few Bee Orchids and a Pyramidal but I was unable to locate them-and Barry did not know where they were either when he arrived. Lots of Red Eyes, Azures, Common Blues and Blue Tailed damsels in the meadows and on the pools, and a good half dozen Four Spots from the boardwalk. Took a while but eventually a single Black Tailed Skimmer was found. Tony eventually arrived and after a chat I moved to the newly cleared channel by the seat and found two Broad Bodied Chasers-hunting Banded demoiselles. They were very active and despite many tries I could not get the camera on them, but Tony called me back as he had one perched by the board walk.
This one was a bit tricky as there was a lot of vegetation but I got a few clear images, and not long aftyer the lone Emperor also posed for us.

Back at the viewpoint, I met up with Simon and William. Simon had found a White Legged Damselfly in his garden and also had several Emeralds at Kingsmead. Hope to see a few of the latter at Amwell a bit later.

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