Thursday, 24 April 2014

Whinchat and Black Redstart

Up to Norton again after work. Tony Hukin and a couple of others already there, searching for the Black Redstart.
No-one had it when i arrived, though I picked up a few Wheatears on the way. Told that there was also a Whinchat so I went looking for that with one of the other birders.
Not far from  the Ring Ouzel's favoured spot, I found the Black Redstart perched on a small stick. Tried to get the other guy on it in his scope, but he found the Whinchat instead!  Both birds stuck around in the area for some time and at one point I had the Whinchat, Black red and a couple of Wheatear in the same binocular view. Managed to get Tony and the others over and we all got pretty good views.
No sign of the Ring Ouzel while I was there, and there did not seem to be any Yellow Wagtails {reported over last couple of days}. Couple of Red Legged Partridge were seen though-Greys seem to be more frequent here at the moment. Reckon that there were at least seven Wheatears, a pretty high number for the site.

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