Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Norton Green Wheatears

THere were a few Wheatears at Norton Green early last week-I went over on the 31st at lunchtime but failed to locate any. It was very windy and there was a lot of vegetation for them to shelter in.
I thought that Sunday might be better as there had been some overnight rain. It was however very windy again, and there were a couple of characters with dogs running around so obviously not good, so I walked down to Watery Grove. There have been a pair of Mandarin in the area for a while, and it looked pretty good with plenty of ponds and standing water n the woods. The trouble is there was too much, and most of it is essentially hidden from the public rights of way. One or two Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs were encountered on the lovely Blackthorn lined track, as well as the expected Marsh Tits. A pair of Nuthatch was nice, and the Primroses looked loevly. Saw a couple of early Bluebell spikes as well.
A drive up to Ashwell and back through Therfiled and Kelshall did not produce anything of note.
I went back to Norton yesterday lunch time as more Wheatears had been reported. Guess what, it was still windy, but this time I was more successful and three birds at least were found in a very brief circuit. Linnets and Skylarks were encountered all over the site, along with one or two flyover Meadow Pipits. A Yellow Wagtail had been seen earlier but I did not have time for a more thorough search.

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