Saturday, 5 April 2014

Little Gull at Amwell

There was a Spotted Redshank at Amwell earlier this week which I was unable to get down and see, with a pair of Little Ring Plovers yesterday. Add Curlew,and Kittewake over Rye Meads and its been good in the valley.
The weather has changed a bit-we have lost the awful dust and smog that has lingered for several days and the sun was shining when I arrived just after 0900. MIke and Barry mentioned that the only good bird present was the 'Iceland Gull' which is still loitering on the island. Scanning I picked up an Egyptian Goose with a couple of Snipe right at the back. The Wigeon is still around, along with a pair of Goldeneye, some Teal and Shoveller.
Most people left leaving Tony Hukin and Simon. A Cetti's Warbler appears to have a territory around the main bridge and being rather loud attracted attention. It showed well occasionally though never for the cameras. Simon saw what he thought was a Little Ring Plover fly in and though I saw a small bird drop in we could not locate it. However, on moving over to the platform we could see an LRP in front of the reed bed which came a little bit closer.

Not long after a Shelduck dropped in but it did not stay for long. Simon then left so I went for a wander with Tony, both hoping for Willow Warbler or hirundines. Watched the fish in the river for a bit-several Rainbow Trout and a rather large Chub were seen and a Kingfisher flashed under the bridge.
Plenty of Chiffchaff and Blackcaps singing along the Hollycross walk and a nice Wren posed.

We picked up our first Orange Tip and Small White butterflies along with Peacock, Small Tortoiseshells and a Brimstone and returned to the watchpoint. We had been idly talking about Little Gulls, of which there has been a decent inland passage recently when I noticed one sitting in the water among the Black Heads. It remained rather distant and I put the message out. Moments after Barry arrived however, it flew off quite high and we assumed it had gone-not good news for Phil Ball who we met on the level crossing. However, it reappeared not long after I got home and it seems that most of the regulars managed to see it.

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