Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Friday

Easter holidays started yesterday, and I spent the morning at Amwell. Although sunny, the cold northerly wind was rather unpleasant while standing on the exposed view point. Should have worn an extra layer.
I arrived at 0900 and found I that none of the regulars were around. My first Common Tern was sitting on one of the posts and there were an almost constant succession of hirundines over the main pit. Most were Sand Martins, but there were also small numbers of House Martin and Swallow. The Wigeon remains, as does a few Shoveller and Teal, also the white Herring Gull.
A tweet from Jay Ward sent me up to Tumbling Bay where I got my first Whitethroats of the year. A Garden Warbler has been heard here but it eluded my ears. One of the Grey Wagtails was feeding under the lock bridge with it or another seen flying over. Plenty of Willow Warblers singing now, and Blackcaps are numerous. Heard one Reed Warbler, and there were also a few Sedge singing too.
Bumped into Jay on the Hollycross track and we had a chat. Got distracted by the local Stoat running up and down the path.

Not much happening at Hollycross so Jay left and I returned, meeting Tony on the bridge. We spent a bit of time watching the fish before walking back through the woods and we located another Whitethroat in the ditch by the main bridge. He then left and I spent a bit more time at the view point, being joined by William and Phil. Apart from one of the Little Rings appearing nothing else appeared so I left around 1220 before I completely froze.

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