Sunday, 13 April 2014


The Crag Martin came on again early this morning. Called Colin but neither of us felt up to the journey-good job as it was last seen not long after our conversation.
Went over to Aston End and up the river for a bit of a stroll. A nice sunny spring morning but with a bit of a chill courtesy of the northerly breeze.
Blackcaps seem to be everywhere this year with birds in almost every decent sized clump of bushes. Chiffchaffs by comparison seem to be scarce. Apart from a few Goldcrests in the plantation, the only other warbler was a rather subdued Willow song at the ford.
While watching a Red Kite, a Martin flew past-my first House Martin of the year. Two Swallows were also seen.
Butterflies are starting to me more noticable. Tortoiseshells are outnumbering Peacocks, Speckled Woods are out in force and I had my first Green Veined White and Holly Blue today.

Bluebells are looking nice in the woods-there is only a small patch on the walk but they looked pretty good and contrasted nicely with the Celandines and Wood Anemones. Most of the Blackthorn is going over, but some is looking superb, as are the Cherries.

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