Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tyttenhanger Avocet

Good news this morning-had a pair of House Sparrows on the feeders.
Not exactly with it when I got up-the clocks went forward and it takes a bit of time to acclimatise, but following a tweet I decided to go to Tyttenhanger this morning.
It was rather warm and humid but with hazy cloud. Parked in Colney Heath and walked through with a few Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and Chiffchaffs on the way. Saw someone I recognised in the distance-Tony I think and met up with him. He had seen Pintail and Mandarin earlier, but the good news was that the Avocet remained. We walked around to the hide and managed to get rather distant views of it i=on the far shore sleeping. While scanning I picked up a single Sand Martin but it did not linger.
Over at the farm I found the Tree Sparrows among other birds at the feeders. Round the corner I found Ricky, and shortly after Dave Beer arrived. We had good views of the Avocet, as well as Redshank. Ricky thought he had a Plover, but could not locate it, though moments after I left them he called me back as he had a Ringed Plover in the scope.

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