Friday, 14 March 2014

Deadman's Hill Area

I have a couple of days holiday to use up, so took today off. Had intended to work in the garden (well I eventually did a bit) by getting in a load of sand/gravel to try and improve the heavy clay, but the local DIY store  only had a couple of bags and its far cheaper to get 10 so I decided to go for a drive instead.
Called in at Norton Green but the overhead wires are being worked on, plus there was so much fly tipping in the pull ins I decided not to bother and put plan B into operation and up to Deadman's Hill.
It was a lovely sunny morning, a bit cool and some mist remained from the night. Lots of Skylarks singing and a few Lapwings were displaying over the ridge near the shooting range and three Grey Partridge were about half way up. Hares were everywhere which is always nice to see here. I heard a very brief Corn Bunting as well, so they are still hanging on here.
Later drove over the the Coombe Road layby. A few Yellowhammers were in the roadside bushes, and a few thrushes were seen at the bottom of the field along the 'shrike' fence. Scanning the slope it gradually became apparent that there were an awful lot of Fieldfares here. Being mobile and with much of the slope being hidden it was hard to get an accurate count but a best guesstimate suggested a minimum of 400.
Did not see any Fallow Deer this time and apart from a Red Leg Partridge down the road it was an uneventful drive home.  

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