Sunday, 5 January 2014

A cold and brief Amwell

Woke up to sunshine and a frost. Expecting rain later I went down to Amwell but only lasted 2 hours, feeling a little bit poorly.
The water is even higher now after the recent rain. Phil reported two Smew and had found a dead Harvest Mouse, the first site record for a long time.
Feeling a bit cold at the watch point I made my way down to Hollycross. A scan of a big tit flock produced a glimpse of a Treecreeper. Ran into Ade and we went to the feeder picking up the Coal Tit. A big puzzle was a report of a Short Eared Owl early morning, but talking to Bill later we found out that it was genuine. Don't know who saw it though.
Saw a few Snipe, a couple of Grey Herons and Greylags for the year list. Nice to see Derek and Sue again, and had a longer chat this time since the appalling New Year rain.
Took my camera down, but there were no opportunities this time. 

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