Sunday, 8 December 2013

Aston End

Went for a walk around Aston End and the river Beane. It was a nice, mild and sunny morning and did not really feel like December.
Walking through the plantation produced a few tits and crests and one or two thrushes were heard as I approached Aston End. The most notable bird though was a very vocal Nuthatch. A small flock of House Sparrows was nice to see-mine seem to have all but gone though one or two visit the garden.
Looking down from the water tower to the river I saw a small flock of Fieldfares-maybe 12 birds with a few Redwings among them. One of the fields held a small flock of gulls-Black Heads and Common along with crows and Starlings.
A Red Kite was nice to see as I made my way up river, but there were few birds in the hedges apart from a few tits and two or three Yellowhammers. Skylarks and Meadow Pipits were present in most of the fields but numbers were small-I never saw more than three or four at a time.
No sign of any Little Owls around the stables but there was a very loud pale Common Buzzard.

A few images from this weekend.

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