Monday, 14 October 2013

Great White Egret

A Great White Egret was reported at Tyttenhanger last week, while I was with Sarah at Wisley. Unfortunately she did not want me to to detour on the way back. Luckily it has stuck around-presumably it is the bird that has wintered recently in the Chess valley.
I went down this morning, parking in Colney Heath by the waterworks for the first time.
The walk to the bridge through the scrubby bit did not produce anything of note-would have been nice to pick up a Yellow Browed but never mind. Not a great deal on the big pit, the usual selection of gulls, geese etc, but i did pick up a Green Sandpiper from the viewing shelter.
Got to the causeway and saw two birders there plus the Great White Egret. It never came particularly close but all my others have been at some distance. Watched it fishing now and again-Perch seemed to be favoured, and interacting with the Little Egret (did not get on!). Couple more Green Sandpipers arrived, and a few Redwings went over when I left.

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