Sunday, 6 October 2013

Amwell Osprey

Another fine sunny autumnal day with the promise of not a lot, so I went to Amwell as per usual for the social scene.
There has been a lot of work over the last week, clearing out large areas of reedbeds, and new pools and scrapes created. As happened last year, the digger got into trouble and sank into the soft mud, creating a deep pool,much to the amusement of the onlookers.
I learnt that Barry had as expected gone up for the Thick Billed Warbler, and that 14 Parakeets had been present for a large part of Saturday. As not much was happening at the watchpoint I went for a stroll, picking up a few Migrant Hawkers, Commas and Red Admirals. There were also a few Common Darters on the bridge.

I walked back with the Sunday crew to the watchpoint meeting up with Simon-Phil and Bill had given up due to boredom, and most of the others left soon after.
Raptors were becoming more evident as the morning progressed and at one point I had nine Buzzards in one binocular view and there were more in other directions. One or two Kites were also flying but unusually no small raptors were seen and it looks like the Hobby may have departed.
Colin and his mate arrived, asking if we had seen the Osprey! Apparently they had met up with Trevor by the gas terminal and one had flown over their heads and carried on south. This no doubt explained why the Lapwings had been a bit jumpy. Wonder if it had been up at Tumbling Bay, as we had a lot of Pochard and Tufties fly in around 1000.
After a few choice words we were resigned to having missed the best bird of the day, but i scanned the distant southern end of the lake and picked up a large long winged raptor flying low. It looked very good in the bins and Simon confirmed that it was the Osprey. Unfortunately despite looking like it would fly back, it was soon lost to view and was later reported at Rye Meads.
On getting home, I also learnt that two Ravens had also been seen after I left.

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