Sunday, 8 September 2013

River Beane

Bright and sunny this morning, but with a bit of a cool breeze now and again. It has been a while, but I thought that a walk around Aston End and up the river would make a change.  I must admit the weather did not look good for birding but occasionally something drops in so it was worth a punt.
Initially it did look to be very quiet, with very little in the conifer plantation and nothing of note as I walked through Aston End and down to the ford. Rather than walk up to the Walkern road, I stuck to the river and headed north. Rather surprisingly there is water in the river-ok its not flowing but it is there.
Migrants started to appear soon after leaving the ford-two Swallows heading south, and then a few Chiffchaffs were found. More Chiffchaffs and some Blackcaps were seen around the horse fields, plus a few finches and Yellowhammers. No sign of the Little Owls in the trees by the stables, but a calling Bullfinch was nice.
Entering the recently cut wheat fields below the radio mast a nice adult Yellow Wagtail flew over and there were  many Swallows feeding over the bales.
Back into Stevenage, and walking through the plantation again, a few Goldcrests and Coal Tits were heard, and a female Bullfinch flew up from the path in front of me.

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