Saturday, 17 August 2013

Rye Meads

Went down to Rye Meads for a change today-turned out that the road to Amwell was shut so I wouldn't have got there anyway.
It was a bit dull, and rather breezy so butterflies and dragonflies were rather thin on the ground-a few Migrant Hawkers, one Southern Hawker and a few Common Blues and whites.
Three Sand Martins flew south as I arrived, and later on a single Swift did likewise. The Draper scrape was rather bare-the ringers were in the reed beds so everything was on the northern lagoon. Found six Green Sandpipers and a Greenshank. Despite a long search, and another on my return with Barnet Dave, Colin and his mate we never managed to locate the Garganey that has been present for a while now. There were two Wigeon, a few Teal and a lot of Shoveller though, and a few Common Terns were still around. No sign of the summering female Marsh Harrier.
Most frustrating was a family of Cetti's Warblers along one of the banks. They posed for one guy's camera but then proved very elusive for the rest of the morning.

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