Saturday, 27 July 2013


Have not been to Amwell for about a month-the combination of it being quiet at this time of year, the extreme heat and other commitments being the reasons. However I decide to pop down today before the rain arrived-still waiting at 6pm.
It turned out to be warm at first but by 1000 the sun was starting to come out and the heat rapidly built up. Little change in the birds from the watchpoint-the Little Ring Plovers, Redshanks and Oystercatchers have gone having raised some young, and we have been left with the usual assortment of moulting ducks, hoards of Canada Geese and Coot. At least five Little Egrets on view-some five pairs bred here this year and the Netherhall birds have also had a successful year and have been visiting. Seems like they have been starting to disperse in recent weeks as numbers were much higher. The injured Wigeon remains-looks like it will be the first time I have seen one in the county every month of the year.
Despite the sunshine, few hirundines and only a pair of Sparrowhawks and a single Red Kite seen. However butterflies were abundant, but dragonflies and damsels were rather limited.
White were common-Large, Small and Green Veined. Peacocks abundant with some Commas, Speckled Woods and a single Red Admiral. On Hollycross Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Gatekeepers and Small Skippers were seen plus one Small Copper. One Emperor, and small numbers of Blue Tail,  Azure and Common Blue Damsels with six Banded Demoiselles rounded out the odontae.

Decided with the sunshine to call in at Danemead-the car park was overflowing.  As per last week, the browns were abundant  in the meadow and a few Peacocks were starting to show. I met up with a regular and went into the woods. Found several Silver Washed Fritillaries, maybe four or five White Admirals and Purple Hairstreaks were everywhere. We located several Slow Worms but no Lizards or Grass Snakes despite searching suitable spots. 
The Helleborines are still in bud, in fact they look no different to my last visit.

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