Saturday, 15 June 2013

Should Be at Trimley

Feeling a bit rough at the moment-have had one of these lingering cough/colds that wont shift. A neighbour reckoned it lasts six weeks, so I am half way there.
Spent a couple of hours at Amwell this morning, on the grounds that there was some sun, with rain forecast this afternoon, so there was a good chance of dragonflies. Unfortunately it was rather windy, and as it turned out sunshine was in short supply.
One pair of Redshank have bred successfully, with three chicks in front of the watchpoint. Birds have been present in the summer ever since my first visit back in the mid 80's but I cannot recollect the last time they actually bred.
The Oystercatchers have given up, but one bird paid a brief visit while I was there. Apparently they have moved to a different site. The Wigeon is still around, and there are several Pied Wagtail chicks as well (not a common Amwell bird).
The only odontae seen were Azure Damselflies generally tucked into vegetation, though a few tenerals could be other species. Had a quick look at the orchids on Hollycross again. Reputedly hybrids of Southern and Early Marsh, some show the sheathed leaf/stem of Early and some unsheathed  Southern-and some are indeterminate.
Called in at Bennington Church on the way home as Spotted Flycatchers have been present-failed to find them but learnt that there is an Eagle Owl on the loose.

Got home to hear that a Pacific Swift has been at Trimley Marsh since late morning, and still present late afternoon. Not twitchable since the infamous Cley bird in 1993, but looks like a lot have got it now. The drive would not have been too bad, though the parking is likely to be a nightmare, the big problem for me would be the three mile each way walk. Dont think it would be possible the way I feel at the moment.

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