Saturday, 29 June 2013


Unable to do much last week-hospital trips again.
Went down to Amwell this morning. Not expecting much, with it being mid June. However Tony pointed out that the Little ring Plovers have at least one chick, which proved to be very elusive at times. The Little Egrets have produced some young, judging by the number of juveniles seen on and off through the morning.
The wildfowl are starting to moult now, and a this includes a very large number of Canada Geese that are now present. The injured Wigeon remains.
Went over to Hollycross with Tony, and despite the generally poor conditions had a good time. Found our first Banded Demoiselle, hoards of Common Blue, Azure and Blue Tail damsels and a few red Eyes too. Butterflies few and far between, two Speckled Woods and singles of Small Tortoiseshell, Small White and Large Skipper.

 Female Blue Tailed damsel taken with my new pocket camera, a Sony RX100. After nearly a year of dithering I finally bought something to have with me all the time for those moments which really needed to be photographed.

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