Friday, 19 April 2013

Singing Blackcap

Working in the garden this afternoon. The Greenfinch that has been kicking around since last autumn is singing in the big oak out the front, along with the local Goldfinches. For about half an hour, a male Blackcap was singing in the holly hedge under the oak.
At least one pair of Blackbirds is building a nest, and I suspect hat the Robins are as well. Bit of a problem as they seem to prefer foraging in the big pots I am gradually planting up. Left a lot of turned over soil as I planted out some of the herbaceous perennials which may have distracted them for a bit. Wish they would tuck into the slugs and other pests, but at least the many frogs sitting in the pond and various water filled containers will take care of many of those. Don't think I mentioned it, but the frogs spawned in late March, six weeks later than usual.

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