Saturday, 6 April 2013

Not Quite Spring

Lovely sunny day today. The weather forecasters said the bitter north/easterly wind of the last few weeks would be gone. They were lying. Nice and warm in the more sheltered locations, but up at the Amwell watchpoint this morning it was still horrible when the wind picked up.
Bill and Jay were present when I arrived, and later on Julie and Tony appeared. One of the wintering Bitterns showed on and off all morning in the bays left of the main hide. Two Oystercatchers were present for a while, and two Redshank, several Snipe and Lapwings remained all day. The recent Jack Snipe did not show-Bill says its an evening bird. A small flock of Wigeon dropped in and there are still some Goldeneyes around.
Lots of raptors enjoying the sunshine, and while tracking a flyover Grey wagtail Bill and Jay picked up a very distant Raven being mobbed by a Kestrel.
No summer migrants, and the only passage seemed to be several tens of Chaffinch going east.

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