Thursday, 18 April 2013

Norton Green Again

This morning Darrel found several good birds-a male Winchat, the Black Redstart and best of all a Grasshopper Warbler-have not seen any of the latter locally since the mid 80's when they were just about hanging on as a breeding bird.
Took a long lunch again and arrived at 1220. It was extremely windy again and birds were hard to locate apart from the Skylarks. Picked up a few Wheatear as I made my way to the north west corner where the Warbler had been seen. Ran into Tony Hukin again who had been up earlier and seen the birds, and we searched the area but as expected there was no sign. The only bird of note was a Whitethroat, but we found the usual Yellowhammers, Linnets and Reed Buntings.
Scoured the middle bit, picking up at least five Wheatear-the Winchat had been with them earlier but appeared to have gone. The only other bird seen was a lone Red Legged Partridge. Tried to locate the Black Redstart again but it is still playing hard to get.

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