Sunday, 17 March 2013


Have not exactly done much in the way of birding this month-the weather has been dreadful. The only decent spring days are when I am working.
The Siskins have not been in the garden this weekend, I presume they have moved on. The local pair of Chaffinches are coming down regularly at the moment. Their behaviour is a bit strange in that we get occasional visits all through the year but it is only in Spring that they seem to visit on a daily basis. Nothing much else is happening-the Dunnocks are still present, the Robins are very territorial and there are perhaps two pairs of Blackbirds visiting.
Despite the poor weather I decided to go down to Amwell this morning. Not much chance of a singing Chiffchaff, and though Sand Martins have been seen I was not holding out much hope. Barry and Bill left shortly after I arrived which was not a good sign but I met up with Tony and Jay. Four Red Crested Pochards were present at the south end-three fine drakes, and there were also three Redshanks on the main island. One Wigeon seems to be lingering and there are still a few Goldeneye and Teal around. Raptors did not show really, one Kestrel, one Buzzard and a distant Sparrowhawk.
There are a few thrushes around still, mainly Fieldfare with a few Redwing, and the resident Mistle, Song and Blackbirds are very vocal (as are Water Rail and Cetti's Warblers). Still a few Siskins in the Alders.

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