Saturday, 2 February 2013

Caspian Gull 2

The Caspian Gull disappeared from Amwell last weekend, but was replaced by a Glaucous Gull for a few days. Unfortunately I could not get down for the latter, but the Caspian returned and showed quite well yesterday on and off.
I decided to get down there a bit earlier than usual, just in case, and met Tony as he was getting out of the car. It was a nice sunny day, but with a bitter northerly wind. We got to the watchpoint to find it deserted, and with few gulls on view. One or two Egrets were feeding at the back, and there was the usual selection of wildfowl present. After a while we walked up to Tumbling Bay, mainly to get out of the wind, meeting Sid on the way. Unfortunately there was no sign of the Scaup or Smew, presumably tucked away under the trees, but we watched a large flock of Long Tail Tits in the woods, along with some Siskin.
Walking back to Hollycross Lane , bumped into Mike Cotten. More tits along the track, and around the cottage, plus various finches and a couple of Buzzards. No Bullfinch or Redpolls but we did see a Marsh Tit. Staked out the Bittern Pool for a bit but nothing showed.
Back at the watchpoint old Colin and his mate had appeared, plus Dave from Stevenage. They had come down for the Caspian, but had not seen it-so I pointed at the goal posts where a very long legged white headed gull was perching. I had seen it on the way up and Mike and I were suspicious, but needed clearer views. Luckily Colin had his scope and we were treated to superb views of the 1w Caspian. Over the next half hour it fed in the water, flew around at times and sat up on the various posts.

Rather better images than the last visit.

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