Sunday, 13 January 2013


Looked to be a fairly good though cold morning. No sign of the forecast sleet and snow. Decided to go down to Bramfield for a bit.
Met up with a couple of familiar faces, to be told I had just missed a couple of Hawfinches. Stood around for a bit, being entertained by a Nuthatch in the old vicarage garden. Turned round to scan the church yard trees to see a big chunky female Hawfinch high in the tree top. Did not stay long, but flew round and a bit closer before flying into the garden.
Not long after, and with another couple of familiar faces arriving, I was just about to go when we decided to look at the GreenFinches in the treetops. Two more Hawfinch had snuck in while we weren't looking and flew out behind them. Apparently there are up to eight still, though these three (presumed different) are the most I've seen here.
Carried on and called in at Amwell for about half an hour. Nothing major on offer-the female Pintail had gone and the Lesser Spot had not been seen for nearly a week. It was getting colder, and after having a chat with Bill and Tony Hukin I decided to return home.

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