Saturday, 12 January 2013

110th for the year

Cold and gloomy, and getting colder. Decided not to go out today-Colin's indisposed and there is nothing major to go for. We were intending to go to Portland as there is enough to make a reasonable day but will go down when the weather improves.

Got my 110th year tick today in the garden-House Sparrow! Not unusual to miss them on a big New Year trip, but there seem to be very few in the area at the moment. The big post breeding flocks of 25+ last year have gone and there are probably no more than two or three which rarely seem to visit the feeders now.
The other good bird today was a Goldcrest flitting in and out of the ivy. Like a lot of species probably a regular visitor but you have to be watching the right spot at the right time to see them.
By far the commonest visitor is Goldfinch with up to  eight visiting at any one time. There are three Blackbirds, two Robins and three or four Blue Tits. Wood Pigeon numbers vary, usually a pair but sometimes up to five, and the resident  Collared Dove pair are always around. Starting to get a Magpie from time to time, but although I have heard them, there is still no sign of the Dunnocks which were always in the garden until recently.

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