Saturday, 1 December 2012

More Waxwings

Went with Colin to Watford to buy some camera bits and look at something suitable as a pocket camera. On the way back we had to call into Bengeo again.
The Waxwings are still around, currently numbering 20, however further up the road is another flock and they seem to meet up from time to time and then split up again. Being cloudy the light is flat, imparting a different look to todays images.
Afterwards we went up to Therfield Heath. A big flock of Fieldfares with some Blackbirds and Redwings was notable. A couple of Buzzards, Kestrels and single Red Kite and Sparrowhawk were also seen. No sign today of the Shrike, Owls or Harriers.
A few flyby Yellowhammers and a couple of Corn Buntings were the only other birds of note.

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