Sunday, 16 December 2012

Amwell's Scaup

Usual Sunday morning at Amwell and the main topic of discussion was of course the Buff Bellied Pipit.
As it was probably the first readily accessible (and easy to locate) long staying mainland record it has proved to be extremely popular. Turns out most of the regulars had been down to see it.
Despite it being a nice sunny day, there was not much to see on the main pit. The water is still at or above sluice level-and it looks like the canal is in the same position with a lot of work taking place on some of the lock gates.
Managed to see a few Snipe despite the lack of mud and the usual assortment of gulls and ducks were present, so I headed up to Tumbling Bay. The red head Smew showed briefly but we had a lot of trouble locating the Scaup largely because it was a lot closer than usual. Managed to get down to the waters edge and get some decent images.

 The walk back was uneventful and apart from a few Siskin in the woods there was not much to see. Went back to the watchpoint for a brief period where we got to see two Red Kites.

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