Sunday, 2 December 2012


I got down to Amwell a bit later than normal. Very cold all morning, with thick ice on the puddles and frost remaining in the shade.
Moments after leaving the car, a small flock of Crossbills flew over, a pretty good start. Got to the watchpoint and joined the regulars. Due to the recent wet spell the water level is now very high  and there is very little exposed mud now. There has been more work with more channels and bays cut in the reeds so Water Rails are becoming more visible. As yet there has only been a single Bittern sighting this winter, and there was no sign while the reed cutting was taking place, so I don't actually know if one is wintering or not.
Walked up to Tumbling Bay and found the drake Scaup which is now starting to develop the pale grey back. There were also a few Redwing in the area. Walking back a few finches were found feeding on the weeds so I headed into the picnic area woods where I was joined by Tony. Watched a Chiffchaff for a while before a volatile Siskin, Goldfinch  and Redpoll flock appeared. Hard to judge numbers but there were at least five redpolls including a nice pink male, and maybe twenty Siskin. A female Bullfinch also appeared briefly.
Walked back to the watchpoint but did not stay long as there had been another Stevenage report of a Waxwing in York Road. I got there just after mid day but there was as usual no sign-yesterday two had been seen in the High Street so they are very mobile.

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