Friday, 30 November 2012


Today was a day off. Heavy overnight frost, and a lovely winter morning in the sunshine. Waxwings have been appearing in various places, including a few local spots at Hertford and Bengeo.
The pager had four birds at Tanners Close Hertford so I went there first. There was a small flock here a year or so back feeding on the same Rowan. Unfortunately being a bit shady I never got good images even though the birds were very confiding at times so I headed off to 47 The avenue Bengeo. Met a few photographers that i knew and we spent a couple of hours getting some superb shots, chatting to the residents and passers by. Everyone seemed to enjoy the birds and some came out with their own cameras to get their own records.
Only slightly low point was when Lee Evans arrived and told me he had just come from the Stevenage birds!. left my pager in the car so I did not get the news in time. By the time I got up to York Road there was no sign. Hopefully they will stick around but there are a lot of birds moving around and flock numbers are fluctuating. i had 18 at Bengeo, there are now 30.

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Tim Ward said...

Some cracking Waxwing pics there Phil and many other fine shots on the blog ... you have a new follower!

Tim@Timbobaggins Abroad