Saturday, 13 October 2012

Woodlark at Amwell

Popped into the docs and got my flu jab, then headed down to Amwell arriving at 0915. Thought I'd made a big mistake-it was cold, misty and I only had my thin fleece. Gradually warmed up as the morning progressed.
Discussed the recent site management with Tony. Alan had put a big trench in front of the viewpoint , taken out most of the small trees and widened the scrape considerably. Hopefully will help with Water rail and Snipe, and in spring it might pull in a few waders.
 Went down to the hide to check the large gulls-Greater and lesser Black Backs and a few Herring. One or two Yellow legs have been roosting recently. Returned as Phil arrived and Barry came back from his walkabout. A few Larks and Pipits going over as usual, plus a couple of Grey Wagtails. By the time Simon and a few others had arrived it was quite warm and raptors were starting to appear-two Red Kites, a good half dozen Buzzards and a Sparrowhawk. We had some passerines over the woods and what seemed to be a small flock of Redwings.
At 1150 Barry picked up a small short tailed lark heading north with a bounding flight and short tail. My first Woodlark for Herts and certainly bird of the week.
A few Red Admirals still taking advantage of the late sun, and a single Small White. Apparently one or two Small Coppers are still being seen in places.

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