Thursday, 4 October 2012

Its Gone a bit Quiet

Have not exactly done much birding over the last couple of days-the constant westerlies have not produced much to get excited about this side of the country.
Did a bit of work in the garden, got rid of one or two plants and re-arranged a few others, creating more space for some of the recent purchases. Most will have to go in in spring as a few things have died back or been eaten by slugs and snails and I dont want to plant too closely to them (assuming they come back next year).
Still got good numbers of Goldfinches visiting every day, and the juvenile Greenfinch is still around. Had a dark Common Buzzard mobbed by a Crow just outside the garden, by far the nearest one has ever been.

 Today I had intended to go out and do a bit of landscape photography, with the bright blue sky and sunshine but decided instead to have a quiet walk around Rye Meads.
Arrived about a minute before the bus load of school kids and discovered that there was a lot of maintenance work going on on the board walks and shrubs. Managed to escape all of that. Four Green Sandpipers over the Draper Hide with one calling in later. Two Snipe and a few Lapwing also present.
 The water levels on the north lagoon are quite low, but this has not brought much in. Two Common Gulls and one or two Wigeon, but no sign of the long staying Garganey. The south lagoon is pretty poor, looking straight into the sun but the Cormorants and Herons on the nearer rafts were reasonably photogenic.

Several dragonflies still around, many Common Darters and several Migrant Hawkers. One of the latter was found in long grass covered in dew, and allowed me to pick it up. After warming up a bit it flew off. Another was found perched in brambles where it remained all morning.

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