Friday, 12 October 2012

Goldfinch Record

While having breakfast, large numbers of Goldfinches were on and around the feeder. A minimum of 20 on the feeder with at least five more in the garden waiting their turn.
Two Dunnocks and two Robins are also around, but House Sparrow numbers have plummeted now that the young have dispersed-I suspect that there may not be more than five or six at the moment.
Have been going around north east Herts on a few occasions from the autumnal landscape point of view. Some foliage is turning-mainly the dogwoods and Field Maples, but so far everything else remains green.

Lots of good birds turning up in far flung locations, but nothing to justify the travelling costs. Two weeks off and the furthest I have travelled is Wilstone!
Flu jab tomorrow, so it all rests on Sunday's northerly airflow and the east coast.

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