Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Amwell Again

Still nothing exciting to go for. Sunday was foggy, went out to get misty landscapes and failed. Yesterday ended up cold and wet, so took Mum shopping.
Today is bright and sunny, not much wind and so not much happening.
Went down to Amwell hoping for a repeat of Saturday, but a lot of the warblers and Siskins seem to have cleared out. Alan Reynolds was down hoping to get more flyby Jay shots but only a few distant birds seen. Large numbers have been coming inoff the North Sea so we were speculating about a possible Nutcracker Invasion. Well it passed the time. All the photographers went for a walk down to the Hollycross path, but we failed to find anything of note.
Back at the watchpoint Royston Dave and John Bartlett turned up. We tried to string a Caspian Gull, saw the hybrid Baikal Teal and watched a juvenile Kestrel get wet feeding on the waters edge.

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